The Past and the Curious, 20.–27. August

Festival for professional dance artists.

America Ep. 3: SuperAmateur, 1.–3. September

Winter guests and Alan Lucien Øyen are back with the final part of their America trilogy.

For the Sky not to fall, 8.–10. September

"There is only one sky and we must take care of it, for if it becomes sick, everything will come to an end.”

Min Tanaka i stor performance

a•form, 9. September

Debut live union of three world famous Japanese artists in an exclusive first taste of a major new Oslo landmark, the new National Museum.

Origami, 14.–16. September

A container folding up, and a body moving.

Skinn, 14.–17. September

Many years of collaboration in a new constellation.

Your Mother at my Door, 15.–16. September

The duet utilises the seemingly useless time through dances created from everyday feelings and situations.

Pust, 28. September–1. October

To breathe is the first and last we do. We breathe about 1000 liters a day. Withoput breath, no life.

Dance competition, 7. October

New edition of Measure Your Crew!

Lulla, 8.–15. October

The theme of Lulla is lullabies. For children aged between 0–2 years.

Caída del Cielo, 17.–18. October

New flamenco rooted in tradition.

Exit, 21. October

Gu Jiani is one of Chinas most internationally acclaimed dance creators, now in Norway for the first time. 

Nearly over or almost imminent, 25.–26. October

Doublebill with Terje Tjøme Mossige

Frozen Songs, 25.–26. October

In the darkness of The Golbal Seed Vault in Svalbard is the source of life and beginning of everything kept safely stored. Here The United Nations has saved...

Meeting, 28. October

Meeting is a dance and sound performance created for two dancers and 64 percussion robots.

Radioscopies, 28. October

Radioscopies is dance, film and performance in one absorbing excperience.

UNGT PUBLIKUM, 1.–2. November

What is the state of arts and cultural sector today and where is it heading? What is the ´best´ approach for cultural organizations to engage with young...

While they are floating, 9.–12. November

Taking refugees’ personal narratives as its point of departure, Carte Blanche looks at individual stories of transit and human sensations such as taste,...

Old School, 16.–19. November

Time flies far too fast when you’re having fun. One day, the break dancers in Absence wake up, to find that time has run away from them.

Grand Finale, 24.–26. November

Hofesh Shechter returns to Dansens Hus with his latest work, Grand Finale, a spectacularly bold and ambitious new piece featuring 10 dancers.

Sans og samling, 25. November–3. December

Surrealist experience for children aged between 0–3 years.

Salve Regina, 9.–17. December

New full length performance by Jo Strømgren.

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